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New little thing

December 03, 2018

Another project emerges. I want (read: need) an excuse to write more, and I’d love to start documenting a few bigger projects and thoughts. There are in the very high millions of blogs just like this one — but this is my blog.


Now that it’s not 107 degrees in the desert, I can spend some evenings and weekends getting my 1/2 garage shop a little more situated for being productive. There are a few projects that I’ve started over the past few months that are in various phases of completion. Getting those done over the next 6 months is a semi-achievable goal.

I want to write about new tools I buy, because tools are awesome.

Being a dad.

Attention: Autumn turned 3 in October.

Wowza, this is some really hard, really rewarding stuff. Capturing moments and curating them is something I’d love to do more.

A great face

Why don’t you just use Instagram stories?


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